Android App Inventor

I had an idea to develop for Android since bought this shiny, speedy, cooly Acer Liquid E. Anyone would like to! It's so smart, powerful and always stays with you literary everywhere! It is a great temptation not try to handle this power yourself.

I installed all requirements for development, but since then didn't have much urge to try do something with it because Android SDK would take time to get into. I am more focuse at Python and Django stuff at the moment. Meanwhile, I remember there's a thing called Android App Inventor - a tool for creating android apps visually, without actual coding. That's an easy way to try something on Android.

Simple automation of virtualenv creation

Working with python/django related things is a great fun if we're talking about actual development. But there's a couple of things around you have to keep in mind and manage manually. One of the most annoying thing you have to do is activating different virtual environments.

I have a few projects on my local machine, most of them have separate virtualenvs, so when you have to move from one project to another you have to deactivate one, activate other and only then start working. When I was starting developing I thought it's not a big deal - only two commands actually. But after a tens of switches you're starting to get angry. Solution for that was found on Max Klymyshyn blog. There's only one thing to mention - on Ubuntu I placed Max's code at $HOME/.bashrc, because Ubuntu doesn't respect .bash_profile.

But during last weekend I decided to try a couple of projects from github. And for everyone of them I had to create separate virtual environment (and as I'm so lazy I made it automatically started). While creating a new virtualenv, I thought that this whole procedure deserves a bit of automatization too. So I made a little bash script, that creates new clean virtual environment in a new directory. Here's a script:

if [ $1 ]
     echo 'Making new dir' $1
    mkdir $1
    cd $1

    echo 'Creating new dev environment'
    virtualenv .env --no-site-packages
    echo VIRTUALENV_PATH=`pwd`/.env > .venv
    echo 'Parameter is required for dir name'

It only checks that you've specified a name for a new directory, where virtualenv is going to be created. I put it to $HOME/bin/newenv file, and chmod +x newenv to make it runnable. So now every time I want to try something new from github I have to type only one command, that creates a great place for experiments, which virtualenv is activated right when I cd into this directory.

At last, I tweaked (in russian) my bash prompt. Now it shows if current dir is svn/hg/git repo, and if so, show the name of current branch and if it has not committed changes. It looks geeky as hell, but not so informative and usefull as I expected :) It slows down using of terminal (cause it runs all svn, hg and git twice after every command on terminal: first to get a branch name, and second - for status). And it takes a half of command line space. So, there's more cons then pros, but I'll see, maybe I'll get used to it so wouldn't be able to remove it.