Testing Google App Engine application

There was a time when I did no testing at all. (As The Kooks sing "You're so naive"). And Spycify was started and achieved it's first releases with about 0 tests. Those first versions were working, but had a whole bunch of annoying bugs. The only way I had is to do massive refactoring of whole app.

Previos versions were checked manually. I started a devserver, clicked through changed parts to see does it works. Sometimes this would not help and I had to upload app to production to test it there, manually, of course. Massive refactoring was a nice chance to start using automate testing. No more manual clicking and repeating myself.

Spycify them all!

Recently I've launched my first site, that was revealed to some friends whose critisism I'm not afraid of :). It is called Spycify, and was made just for fun using Python, Google App Engine and some outside APIs.

Actually I saw facedetection API on Programmable Web, and decided that I should do something with it. There was no doubt on selecting programming language. It is Python for sure. As a hosting/framework I've chosen Google App Engine. I see it as a free place for little experiments. I know my service wouldn't need any highscalability, performancability or other cool-abilities. This is just a good place to host a little project, fast to code, fast to deploy. I know that if I place my service on GAE it will be there forever some forseeable future, so I can come back to it, if I want to and show it. There's no need to think about hosting, domain name or something like this - it "just works".